WeeDo revolves around imagination, transformation, versatility and fun.

Designed for kids by an inspired Mummy, WeeDo Funwear produce practical, fun, eco-friendly, performance apparel that will protect mini monsters and unicorns from the wind, rain and snow! With clever details like grow systems and quick entry bathroom function, Weedo products are designed with a lot of thought and a whole lot of heart.

With WeeDo Funwear, our young explorers are well protected and ready to go on any adventure, regardless of the weather.

Bye Bye Boredom, Hello WeeDo!

  • Monster Mood

    It has snowed! So, get on the sledge and enjoy the snow. Standard snowsuits not your thing? Does your child love to slip into other roles? Then WeeDo is the perfect match! Function meets fun to withstand all outdoor activities while guaranteeing a happy winter time.

  • We Grow With You

    Our eye-catching design paired with a lot of functionality makes our snowsuits for children a winter highlight. Thanks to our growing system, the suit fits over the years, grows with you and offers comfort for future winter adventures. Whether monster or unicorn, winter fun with your child is guaranteed.

  • A Winter Dream

    Our suits not only keep you warm, but also dry. The water-repellent impregnation and the membrane of our outer fabrics ensure that every winter adventure is dry. With easy access for bathroom breaks, our suits are perfect for long-distance winter games. The only challenge will be getting your child out of the suit in the evening.

Bye Boredom, Bye Weather Forecast, Hello Joy!