5 Reasons Why Your Child Needs a WeeDo Funwear Snowsuit this Winter

Winter is here, and it's time to bundle up your little ones! Keeping your child warm and comfortable during cold weather is a top priority for any parent. One essential winter item that your child shouldn't be without is a high-quality snowsuit. At WeeDo Funwear, we believe that our Snow Funwear is the perfect solution to keep your child warm and cozy during the winter months. Here are 5 reasons why your child needs a WeeDo Funwear snowsuit this winter:

  1. Growing System Our Snow Funwear is designed to grow with your child. The sleeves and legs can be easily adjusted in length, ensuring that your child can enjoy the snowsuit for multiple seasons. This innovative design saves parents the hassle and cost of having to buy a new snowsuit every year.

  2. Improved Insulation Our new, super-light filling made of 100% recycled polyester has been further improved by our Feelgood specialists. It now insulates even better and can withstand freezing temperatures down to -25°C, keeping your child warm and comfortable in even the coldest weather.

  3. Reflective Details Safety is our top priority, and our Snow Funwear already has the 3M reflector technology on board, which gives small night owls the extra portion of visibility and safety, even in low light conditions.

  4. Detachable Tail Our snowsuit features a detachable tail that loosens automatically with its smart push button, making it easier for your child to move around freely during all the winter action.

  5. WeeDo Gloves Our fuzzy warm hand flatterers are now available separately in your favorite design and can be pulled over the sleeves in no time at all, thanks to the long cuff, ensuring that your child's hands stay warm and cozy all day long.

In addition to these fantastic features, our Snow Funwear also includes a helmet hood, ventilated suspenders, a monster bag for storage, a multifunctional leg with snow guards, a magic button to shorten the leg length, a waist zipper, and a shoe hook to fix the pants on the snowboard boot.

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