Helmet Hood

Helmets are still not compulsory in all ski areas ...

Cool? We say: not cool! Helmets are a must in our book!

They not only provide you with safety - they can also look stylish! It goes without saying that they keep you warm and offer steadiness for your ski goggles and ski mask. WeeDo Funwear snowsuits also have a helmet-compatible, adjustable hoods. So every kind of helmet fits under the snowsuits.

So there are enough reasons to wear a helmet on the slopes! We don't know a single reason that convinces us otherwise!  

You can't get used to your helmet and it just annoys you? Then it was probably not the right one! Here is a brief overview of what is important in your helmet selection:

  • It must not press
  • it must not slip (try it on, leave the chin strap open and bang your head properly! It stays in place? Congratulations! Then this is your helmet!) And the best thing: in the WeeDo Funwear snowsuits there is an elastic band - so the hood does not slip
  • Put on your gloves and try to adjust the chin strap and headband! It shouldn't be a fuss!
  • Put on your ski goggles! They should fit perfectly over your helmet - who wants cold snow and ice sneaking in between helmet and goggles? Brrrr ...
  • Can you still hear well despite the helmet? YEEEES ?? HEEELLLOOO!! Well then :)

 So now nothing can go wrong when buying a helmet!

Do you already have one? Very good! How old is it? After 3 to 5 years you should definitely check whether it already has cracks. These can be dangerous! Go to a Canadian retailer with your used helmet and have it checked out. Have you had an accident with your helmet? Then go ahead - a new one is needed!

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