The Toilet Zipper

Quick, easy and clean 

No more taking-the-whole-suit of when you have to use the restroom.

No dirty suit afterwards and most importantly : no more mishaps because of lack of time.

With our unique toilette function of the suits this question becomes a minor problem.


Emergency situation: using the toilet 

A lot of people have their issues with one pieces because they feel like it’s such a drag to take the suits on and off and it’s even more of a pain when you are in a rush to get on the toilette in time. And even with a two piece it can get complicated when there are suspenders attached to your pants. Once you get there you have to make sure that the sleeves are not dangling on the floor and get dirty. That’s why we put something rather simple in our one pieces, a little zipper on the lower back of the suit that makes the whole process of taking the suit off at all, totally unnecessary. Simply open the little zipper, pull the disconnected part of the pants down and you're good to go.

-‘’It kinda reminds you of those red pyjamas that the cowboys use to wear.’’- 

The solution to the problem is closer than you think, with a simple zipper on the bottom of the suit's trousers, any emergency situation in the toilet can be solved and, above all, prevents clothing from being sucked in. The zipper does not completely separate the suit - the belly insert holds the suit together so that the zipper can be closed just as easily. 

Our zippers on the entire suit are waterproof - so there is no snow inside even on piste breaks and it stays cozy!

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